The Extended Night Companion supports multiple languages on all of its screens. We try to keep all the translations in sync and accurate, but this can be difficult because my primary langauge is English

Changing the text in the app is really easy! If members of the community can help with translations, we can make the app more accessible to all players!

I've made a Google spreadsheet to hold the text for the app. Hopefully, this will help community members suggest edits or provide translations.

Getting Started

Small Changes

  1. Click on the link below to view the translations
  2. Find the text to change
  3. Email dirtydogsoftware88@gmail.com
  4. You can reference the cell's "key" or the column & row to help me find the text.
  5. Send the Email!

Big Changes

  1. Click on the link below to make a copy of the translations
  2. Make any changes you need to your copy
  3. Email dirtydogsoftware88@gmail.com
  4. Let us know what cells you changed and attach your copy of the translations
  5. Send the Email!